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(The roots of Blason de Bourgogne are deeply anchored in Burgundy, with its 800 families of grape growers spread across the region’s vast viticultural landscape.


Our expertise spans generations – combining the tradition and skill of the older generations with the enterprising spirit of the younger ones. The passion and talent that go into every bottle of Blason de Bourgogne champion the authentic craftsmanship on which this range of fantastic wines has been built.


Blason de Bourgogne is proud to be different. Through sharing profits from its range of wines with its wine grower families, Blason de Bourgogne puts people first and keeps a strong-hold on the heritage that has become a source of inspiration in the creation of its wines. Being completely owned by its wine growers, Blason de Bourgogne brings a whole host of social benefits that allow small growers to sustain their business and tend to their vines from generation to generation.


Blason de Bourgogne wines bring the very best of Burgundy to the table with a family spirit at its core – allowing you to share in the incredible richness of the area’s traditions. )