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Our roots go deep, in both the land and the culture of Burgundy. A region known worldwide for its wine : the standard bearer and expression of our art de vivre and epicurean status. Let's not forget, however, the diversity of our spectacular landscapes and the richness of our architecture.



Blason de Bourgogne represents 800 winegrowing families throughout the region, from Chablis in the North to Mâcon in the South, passing through Beaune in the centre. Each and every wine provides a glimpse of the character of Burgundy, thus together they paint the whole glorious picture.


We also embody the accumulated expertise of many generations. A gathering and sharing of know-how in order to offer taste sensations to wine lovers throughout the world and to allow them to experience all the nuances of Burgundy.


This co-operative structure ensures reinvestment of profits in order to allow the children of the wine-growers, in their turn, to work the vines when they are ready.